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FLN type indoor high voltage AC load breaker switch refer to international new technology and develop the switching equipment in according to the relevant standards in China’s electric power system. Its performance indicators in full compliance IEC420,694,129 and national standards GB3804-2004“3.6kV-0.5kV high voltage AC load breaker switch”GB1985-2004“high-voltage AC isolation switch and earthing switch”,GB/ T11022-1999“common technical requirements for high-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards“, This is the main switching element RMU. The load breaker switch is a collection multifunctional medium voltage switchgear of gates,sub-gate, earthing. In a fully sealed with strengthen the structure of the epoxy resin housing to filled with SF6 gas,0.05MPa , with the minimum parts to achieve the above three functions,to ensure product quality, improve reliability, maintenance-free. It can be safely run for more than 20 years in normal conditions.

Basic Functions And Features

1.Load breaker switch adapts double fracture, rotary movable contact structure, with the following three kinds of operating states: Closing,opening,earthing.
2.Using SF6 gas as an arc extinguishing and insulating medium, the main circuit seals by the upper and lower housing pouring epoxy resin, the conductive function is unaffected by external influences.
3.Good safety performance. If internal arcing occurs, the housing has an internal structure weak point, it will be rushed to open, followed by the cabinet above the shutter release arc red open air overpressure stream-oriented outside the cabinet, ensure that the switch
cabinet security checks.
4.Load breaker switch sets gates, opening, earthing switch three at one, filled with SF6 gas encapsulated in epoxy resin housing, three-position interlock,compact structure,high security and reliability.
5.Small size, light weight, maintenance-free, easy and safe to operate.


Technical Name Unit EBFLN36-12/630 EBFLN36-12D/125-50
Switch-fuse combinations
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current Amp 630 125
4 Rated insulation level L min power-frequency
withstand voltage(kV)
42 48
5 Lighting impulse
withstand voltage(Peak)kV
75 85
6 Rated thermal current(2s) KA 20
7 Rated dynamic current KA 50
8 Rated short-circuit on-off
KA 25
9 Rated closed loop breaking
A 630
10 Rated active on-load breaking
A 630
11 Rated cable charger breaking
A 10
12 Rated short-circuit breaking
KA 50
13 Rated transfer current A 1700
14 Fuse type sfldj-12
15 Impact output energy J 1+0.5
16 Rated thermal current(2s)for
grounding switch
KA 20 2
17 Rated dynamic current (peak)for
grounding switch
KA 50 Maximum torque
operated manually
18 Rated short-circuit on-off current for
grounding switch
KA 50

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