Why maintaining your high voltage unit is so important!

Why maintaining your high voltage unit is so important!


Unfortunately, in practice, maintenance of high pressure installations is often not a priority. The reason is obvious: as long as everything is normal, there seems to be nothing. But whether this is really true remains a question. Is your high voltage substation really good?

Maintenance is essential

The maintenance of a high-voltage substation can be basically compared to the maintenance of a car: the car still drives well, but at the same time needs regular maintenance. So you can keep the car moving, too. A small problem, such as a clogged fuel filter, can easily lead to expensive repairs. You could have avoided that with maintenance.

High voltage units are actually the main arteries of production facilities, factories, distribution centers, cold storage, or devices that feed energy back to the grid. Therefore, it is crucial. This becomes apparent only when the system suddenly fails. Then the room went dark except for a few emergency lights. You will find that this always happens at a bad and unexpected moment.

Planned maintenance 

Therefore, we may agree that regular inspection and maintenance of a high voltage substation is very important. How do you dump a company or something into a bucket? The system can only be maintained when there is no power supply. It also means there will be no light at that moment. However, there is a difference: you now decide when it happens. That's all very well.

So what does maintenance really look like?

Generally speaking, plant maintenance can be boiled down to the following points: Perform (visual) inspection before maintenance. On this basis, a report was prepared. This describes the state of the installation. Therefore, preventive maintenance can be carried out. Installation is up to date and meets all standards.

Inspection and maintenance includes structural inspection and maintenance of transformer stations, lighting units, grounding units, high voltage units and transformers. A comprehensive report of the findings and recommendations is then prepared and provided in accordance with EN3840.

Let the professionals do it

We has many years of experience in the field of high pressure installations and has the right staff. Whether it's a large petrochemical project or an agricultural substation; We can maintain your system in a careful and responsible manner. Is your installation several years old? Does the installation need repair? Then it's time to contact us. We offer no-obligation advice and are happy to make an appointment with you to see the possibilities. Do you turn off the lights yourself or give them to the installer? In both cases, we are happy to help you!